Custom Sugar Cookies

All custom cookies are rolled at ⅜” thick and are approximately ½” thick when baked and iced. My signature Vanilla Almond cookie is made with real vanilla and almond extracts. Cookie orders of at least 2 dozen regular cookies (or 4 dozen small bite cookies) can be made with straight vanilla extract upon request; however, it’s important to note that they are not prepared in a certified nut-free facility. Other flavors are available upon request for an additional charge per dozen. 

Your order is NOT confirmed or on the books until the order invoice is paid in full or a 25% deposit is paid for orders over $300 (with the final balance due 2 weeks prior to your order date). Orders with lead time of 2 weeks or less may incur a Rush Fee that is 25% of the order total. 

Minimum order requirements are specified by detail levels below.

Small Bite Cookies:  $33 and up per dozen (3 dozen minimum)
Small bite cookies are cookies that measure approximately 1.5-2.5 inches in diameter. Prices vary significantly depending on the level of detail required.

Basic Cookies: $42 per dozen (1 dozen minimum)
Basic cookie dozen sets consist of cookies that are VERY simple: plain iced cookies only. Cookies can consist of 2-3 shapes per dozen, and up to 3 icing colors. A set of 1 dozen basic cookies may also include a single cookie with simple piped text in the font of my choice. These are a great add-on for more detailed orders as well!

Custom Designed Cookies: $75 and up per dozen (2 dozen minimum; most popular)

Detailed cookie sets consist of cookies that have a significant amount of design work and 4  icing colors, plus white. Cookies often include text, several different cookie shapes/designs per dozen, airbrushing, hand painting/metallic accents, royal icing transfers and sculpting/texture work, etc. This is the most popular option with clients and most images on my Instagram fall within this category.

Elaborate Custom Designed Cookies: $100 and up per dozen (2 dozen minimum)
Elaborate cookie sets consist of cookies that have a high to intricate level of detail and design and pricing will reflect the large amount of labor needed. Cookies may include a wide array of techniques and detail work, including metallics, piped text in varied fonts, several different designs per dozen, complex airbrushing/detail work, royal icing transfers, etc. These are perfect for a special event, wedding, or if you just REALLY love details!

Custom Printed Cookies: $55+ per dozen

With the help of technology, we can cookie-fy just about anything you can dream up! From corporate logo orders to custom photo cookies and beyond, our edible ink printer allows us to put the image that you need onto our freshly baked and iced cookies. These are perfect for large budget-friendly orders or smaller customized orders alike. Prints are completed using an FDA approved food-safe edible ink printer. Pricing for printed cookies is dependent on a variety of factors but is typically around $55-$60 per dozen. For more information, place an inquiry or shoot us an email directly at

A note on design work & pricing:
I will provide a detailed, comprehensive pricing quote according to your design requests for each order; however, I do not fully complete or share design renderings with clients when providing quotes. Designing cookies takes a lot of time, and I do not complete designs for free or provide them for your use to price shop with other bakers. Thank you for understanding!


8” & 9” round layer cakes: $80 and up
4″ mini round layer cakes: $40 and up
*other sizes available. Email to inquire.

Cake Flavors:
Chocolate Cake
Vanilla Cake
Custom Flavors by Request. Email to inquire.

Cake Frosting:
Vanilla Buttercream
Chocolate Buttercream
Custom Flavors by Request. Email to inquire.


$42+ per Dozen (1 dozen minimum)

Inquire for flavor and frosting options.


Cake and Cupcake Toppers
If you would like to add on cupcake picks or a cake topper to your order, please inquire! Prices vary.