Large Gingerbread House Kit


This gingerbread house kit is a big family activity! These are thick, heavy and large pieces of gingerbread, but if you’re patient and get them “glued” together with the provided royal icing, you’ll be rewarded with a big canvas for decorating! Kit will come with a front and back, two side walls and two scalloped roof cookies. You’ll also enjoy an assortment of candy, sprinkles, sugars and decorations to get you started with decorating (MORE than what is pictured!), seasonal piping icing colors, thick white icing to “glue” your pieces together when assembling, and a tips and tricks sheet. Assembled house is approximately 8.5″ tall, 7″ wide at the largest point and 7.5″ deep, with cookies that are almost 1/2″ without icing.
Please note: these are thick homemade gingerbread slabs–close to a half-inch thick! Construction gingerbread is baked hard intentionally but IS edible. Use caution when letting little ones choose candies to eat as the assortment contains some hard pieces of classic Christmas candy. Candy pictured is an example; types will vary but we will provide a good amount for every kit!

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